Amek DMCL Dual MicPre/Compressor/Limiter
Amek DMCL Dual MicPre/Compressor/Limiter

DMCL Dual MicPre/Compressor/Limiter, Channel Strip from Amek.

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U-FLYstudio 12/30/2006

Amek DMCL Dual MicPre/Compressor/Limiter : U-FLYstudio's user review


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Pr Stereo amplifier with mic and line pass filters adjustable up and down, and reduce compressor with side chain internally or externally.
converters AES EBU and SPDIF DA 24/96 with sync BNC
no power switch


Trs simple, one amp pr trs great race with a fine gain APRS + or - 12 dB
high pass filter and low pass that can act directly on the signal or serving side chain to the detection circuit of the compressor (desseur, dpopper etc ...) compressor perennial prcis trs. pai and it's really the opposite of many manufacturers of high-end machines (Focusrite, Avalon etc.) I do not find it here dfaults comparable. it's just big sound without flattteries unnecessary, a good pre amp trs, trs a good compressor and that's it!
- 4 dB qualibrage a little biased we must go a little into the red to keep a 0dB!


- It's a simple device with a full and effective, not by his flattering, even if the sound is a very personal coloring, it's tough, the pre amp line and all the beauty pr amp micro demonstrated a powerful sweetness!!
- The compressor is also superb, trs own, type in the SSL comp hard knee, with his office & MM (and much more) that justifies its name, it becomes TRRS "neve" and enhances the sound nicely trs remains soft and vibrant, it is versatile trs (voice sings to large battery through the brass, percussion, he is comfortable anywhere!
- Ds is the big sound that you type into it a bit, much like the pre-amp API, I love this cot massive sound that is properly trs ger and not too intrusive .


In short, a machine made for both the live studio, with its versatile trs converter that numrique possde a worldclock In and out (and even the pro tools Superclock)
it makes you want to mix an album on a 9098i
LOVE !!!!!!!
if I could afford right now I achte 16 channels to my PRO TOOLS !!!!!!