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sebRomeo sebRomeo

«  Great »

Publié le 01/30/12 à 06:16
Any lamp or transistor, to choose from!
Preamp, comp, eq, low-cut, just missing a small gate (but that's nothing, especially since we can add to the mix)
Balanced XLR and Jack


Very simple to set up, months to implement, I use it mainly for vocals. I must say that I hesitated a long time, but since I is a true revolution in the studio! coupled with the AKG C414B XLII sound is perfect, nothing to say.
Only problem, when I put the comp tube with a short attack, I cut the beginning of the attack (which can be quite annoying) as the attack and release are regulated by a button slow / fast. My advice .. just not too much force on the comp (even after adding in the mix, which also sound better foix 10)


I record the votes and rap songs (hence the mix of voice is important). I've never been up to the clipper, but it seems it's not bad. Otherwise, the voices are swollen, but the result is hardly noticeable! It's just magical. However, under the advice of a friend I'd have to sell it to buy something "more pro" type universal audio etc ...


What I like most is all the lamps, although may say, the voice is much clearer and more worthy of a quality recording! Without staining is abusive!

Exellent value for money (I think it's the only one in the price range) after it is universal audio etc, but it's expensive for a difference not so noticeable.

I chilled this choice!