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nikko666 nikko666
Publié le 05/13/06 à 11:10
CHARACTERISTICS The fall is a pit.
- Pramp a lamp with 75dB gain max. HPF for SIFL.
- Mono, is for the microphone ...
- A compressor type or optical tube (variable-mu) (!!!)
- A shelving EQ or not, has four bands. A tube ...
- Phantom power supply
- Phase inversion
So three tubes. The madness of the tube.
Saw a super meter, a devastating look at a rack is the class ...


Trs easy to use, the EQ is dlicat rgler because of double rglent pots that the gain and frequency. The switches have different ergonomics a bit confusing.

Otherwise, it's all good. Not need to read the documentation for the part and amp compression.


I'm pretty particular bluff by the compressor. I had quite a compressor, including a Manley Variable Mu is the REFERENCE for mastering. The compressor is super transparent. It does not pump, thank you for the lights! It is a pleasure. To date, no software has such compressor performance. It provides voice recording with more security without risk of saturating btement Nazer and the outlet.

The EQ is really effective. I do not use it personally because I prfre APRS color the sound the sound. But it takes a little time to matriser.

The receiver is of the same level as the MPA GOLD. So pramp trs good of quality, no color but color has a transistor preamp especially in case of saturation.


I am satisfied with my purchase trs. At this price (400 EUR) is a vritable case. 2-3 years ago there was a need for a 1000 EUR + channel of this quality.
To save the voice that really changed me life.
I recommend it to any studio that wants to do something really pro, voice, or instrument miking of quality is Essenciel and again, it's an incredibly low price compared the quality of sound and finish.