Avalon VT-737SP
Avalon VT-737SP

VT-737SP, Channel Strip from Avalon.

fabamarie 05/29/2011

Avalon VT-737SP : fabamarie's user review

«  is clear is beautiful »

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channel strip
preamp, compressor and equalizer beautiful


lots of buttons but simple enough for those who know how to use a compressor and an equalizer, not easy to read under the buttons when it is low enough and it says little
big machine very heavy 2U wholesale metal button are the cons of a plastic imitation of pre-war metal that is well shot of plastic


there is wonderful on some type of piece is not easy to place because it is clear, precise, detailed, the highs are wonderful, I'm surprised that rappers use it because it sounds more variety, walk.

the equalizer is superb, sound is always beautiful, clear the compressor, it is quite confusing, I can understand why they are slack, you do not feel the act, the DI is of superb quality, sound like my bass bass in there sometimes

on shakers, percussion, it's really beautiful, detailed, airy

Clarity is really the watchword of this age, difficult to go to rock with


While the price is really high but there are many models of OCCAZ
I do not recommend it as the only preamp because it really is typed but suddenly it is quite appropriate in a park especially with good preamps microphones. it sublimates everything it touches with magic so it's not a slice to smear the sound
I also frankly LA 610 which is for the kick is round and warm as a car hood after the big holiday departures
these are really two opposite colors, great!!
I love the Avalon in the treble or bass clear (sisi) of chopped

deserves a little reputation, now it is perhaps a little unfashionable, but what sound!