Focusrite VoiceMaster Pro
Focusrite VoiceMaster Pro

VoiceMaster Pro, Channel Strip from Focusrite.

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U-FLYstudio 10/20/2004

Focusrite VoiceMaster Pro : U-FLYstudio's user review


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One senses here the Filliat with ISA 220 and 430, because for less than 700 euros ttc this rack provides a nice number of inputs and outputs and XLR jacks, practice with a patch, it is also dot bypass on each function, it is a pain trs good signal / noise, and many visualizations (8 total) VU meter with a light-blue a bit aggressive!
But that's it !!!!!!!

- Discrete class A amp Pr
- Function DI
- Gate
- Gnrateur harmonic
- Optical Compressor
- Circuit Emulation lamps
- Eq
- Desseur


All controls are located on the front, no rear switch 48V type, line etc. .. (If they are those of the option numrique)
I regret to have to read the same gain of the compressor 6 rduction dioid, especially on a device with a quip VU meter, which serves here as overall output level of the machine. t the opposite was more practical. but hey saw the color of the VU meter, I think it is more the aspect for marketing than anything else. the lighting is in fact so violent that it is hard to read indication of the needle.


I find the pre amp and quiet way, then there is a gate relatively useless in the current audio channels, a harmonic gnrateur interesting type of ribbon mics at once very easy s'eclairssissent (test Beyer M 160 with a ribbon) and a single compressor (it does not matter when a compressor sounds, but it is not the case and suddenly it is difficult with the little SETTING THE it to find a personal Sampler slot), then follow a tube emulator circuit, well done, but not roll over, then Eq quite interesting and well thought out to work quickly and efficiently voice, to finish a desseur in the same genre as the compressor is not to say fabulous, and the output section and monitoring, in short, a rack is fairly complete, but it only repeats in more low-end the concept of ISA 220 series, 430. without the same relief, flexibility, or even alive in the sound. (Fortunately, it has not the same price, either!)


A machine for live and home studio or small studio, it's fast rgler and remains a quality in relation to the average price. Trs's always a tense, hard to see, all sounds plutt "modern" and lack of relief, it is a very handy machine, now if you only need a pre amp or a compressor, it's just not be the right choice!
I can not find it invalid, but not far!! not much better than a Behringer !!!!!