Joemeek OneQ
Joemeek OneQ

OneQ, Channel Strip from Joemeek.

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mister o 07/26/2011

Joemeek OneQ : mister o's user review

«  Good value but not more. »

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Value For Money : Excellent
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Nothing to say, it's a child's play.


This is where it will be a gate anyway.
I give my opinion after reading it in one of Shredchris:
"LA610 will be slightly above that of the lamps and a compressor more" forgiving "a bit more scale in some applications, but if someone asks me how much I think the overall difference, I would say 5 % and the 5% cost close to € 900 "
And sorry for him, but I strongly disagree!
The LA610 is not playing in the same court, and we are well beyond the 5% difference.
The preamp is relatively neutral, PDO has a mounting base, nothing very original, right is the Burr Brown, but it is lion of 610 in quality.
As for the rest, the EQ does the job, but nothing fantastic either.
The comp and pretty well to color a guitar, but the rest is not great.
When the de-esser and enhancer, we still did better.


I used two years I had a lot of channel strip in the hands.
I really like the line input for retrieving the second channel of the SPDIF, I find it really well thought out.
Otherwise the rest is a good quality / price ratio, especially used, but it's still far from a chinoiserie AU in quality and rendering, do not dream.
I would do is peut'être choices in the same case, namely for a client who is not a big budjet for his studio preamp. But not personally. I prefer a TwinQ, same preamp, eq and even the same comp, but in stereo, and mix the guitar, but not for the catch.