SSL XLogic Alpha Channel
SSL XLogic Alpha Channel

XLogic Alpha Channel, Channel Strip from SSL in the XLogic series.

itchounet 08/11/2008

SSL XLogic Alpha Channel : itchounet's user review


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Value For Money : Excellent
A transistor analog preamp section with EQ and a circuit for harmonic distortion ... there is even a small practice in limiting output. Too bad the outputs are not in on the other hand XLR! It also has a A / D converter that I 'use SPDIF in, very convenient and the quality is there!


The classic for a preamp like this, everything is clear, no need to look for a good sound ...


This preamp has a good headroom and is really right in the sound, as most of a transistor preamps ... Say that it faithfully reproduces the transient and remains a very good preamp for its price range. It will well worth the characteristics of your microphone! It is neutral, clean, does not bleed but is not very comfortable in the lower medium I think.
Section EQ is a bit bland I think unfortunately, now that is a matter of taste and use, it will be useful in case of slight correction but do not expect for a what she adds a color!
I have a hard time finding a used section of harmonic distortion, I imagine it can be useful in some cases ...
Great for keyboards or move machines, great for voice or on battery OH!


I use it for two envriron ans.Il why should you buy this preamp ... The preamp is of absolute neutrality and highlight the flaws and qualities of the microphones that you spend it. Its price / quality ratio is excellent (especially since the fall of the dollar) Seriously ... a slice SSL preamp + eq as well say it 's been almost as long to want a good preamp that will give you no more that an excellent return of your microphone!