Zildjian K Custom Hybrid China 19"
Zildjian K Custom Hybrid China 19"

K Custom Hybrid China 19", China Cymbal from Zildjian in the K Custom series.

sanjuro 11/29/2009

Zildjian K Custom Hybrid China 19" : sanjuro's user review


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The K Custom 19" Hybrid China is one of the most interesting cymbals I have played, both in appearance and sound.  I have a specific taste in China cymbals, and this passes my tests.  I first encountered these hybrid cymbals a few years ago at a Zildjian prototype sale at a local drum shop.  I was a fan of Akira Jimbo, so I was interested in giving these a try.  To be honest, I felt like these may be too pingy and bright, as Akira has a very clean and pronounced style.  I usually prefer darker and dirtier sounds, so I was skeptical.  Despite my expectations, the entire line was great, including the china.

When struck on the underside, it sounds like a good china.  The deep groove helps to add to a trashy character and the decay is nice and slow.  It is very loud, and the 19" size seems to work very well.  I also love the 19" Paragon china, so maybe 19" is a lucky number.  Actually, this China reminds me a lot of the Paragon.  Then turned to the from side, it produces more of a gong like crash sound.  The coated interior typical of the fusion series produces its own sounds.  However, because it is a china, I feel like the benefits of having a fusion cymbal are limited, as the coated part is rarely played.  In a way, it can be struck to produce a dark, hollow bell like sound which is great. 

As I said, I am icky about China cymbals.  The only thing I was warned about this one was that it is fragile.  I haven't known any of these to break personally, but I can see this type of China being susceptible to cracks because of its odd shape and thin edges.  With proper technique and tasteful dynamics, I wouldn't worry about it.  I would recommend this to anyone, it is one of my favorite cymbals from Akira Jimbo's interesting line.