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de la Mancha GTS & Group Buy

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da la Mancha has announced the release of GTS plus updates for GTO, GTX and GTA (to rev. B).

dlM has also announced the launch of a new Group Buy for these four plug-ins plus QB-3 in the Vintage Colour Bundle Group Buy.

is a hybrid of GTO and GTX, offering both peak & RMS compression as well as an additional Mojo knob. It costs $41 as part of Vintage Colour bundle, although it's currently available for $21 as part of the Group Buy (see below).

GTA rev. B is now available exclusively as part of the Vintage Colour bundle.

Changes in GTO and GTX rev. B:
  • Choice of 2 attack/release curves.
  • Additional 'Internal sidechain only' version.
  • Adjustable peak meter hold time.

Group Buy
The Vintage Colour Bundle Group Buy contains 5 plug-ins which you can buy now at the reduced price of $21 as more than 20 people have already signed up. The bundle contains:
  • GTO rev. B - Peak Compressor.
  • GTX rev. B - RMS Compressor.
  • GTA rev. B - stripped down and dirty GTO.
  • GTS - Hybrid of GTO & GTX.
  • QB-3 - Vintage 3 band EQ.

Previously this bundle was $41 with the old versions of GTO/GTX/GTA and did not contain GTS. If you buy GTO, GTX and QB-3 individually it would cost $53 and GTS & GTA are not available to buy separately.

There are bonus plug-ins if more people sign up:
  • If the group buy reaches 35 participants, then PULS will be added to the bundle for free.
  • If the group buy reaches 50 participants, then dirty harry will be added to the bundle for free.

How does it work?
  • The Group Buy will run until April 30th, 2010.
  • It is free to sign up to the Group Buy, you just need to give your email address.
  • You only need to pay once the Group Buy reaches 20 participants.
  • Once 20 participants have joined, details will be sent with a link to purchase the bundle for $21 via PayPal.
  • If 35 people sign up, then PULS will be added to the bundle as a bonus plug-in.
  • If 50 people sign up, then dirty harry will be added to the bundle as a bonus plug-in.
  • Links to the bonus plug-in(s) will be sent if 50 people have signed or after 30th April if 50 is not reached.
  • The group buy price will be valid until April 30th 2010.
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