Tek'it Audio Comp

Comp, Software compressor from Tek'it Audio.

public price: $39 VAT
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Tek’it Audio launches a compression plug-in

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Comp, Tek’it Audio’s new plug-in, allows you to process the dynamics of your projects on Windows.

Comp is a modern compressor plug-in in VST format for Windows. Tek’it Audio focused on real time processing visualization and included the following controls:

  • RMS and Peak compression
  • Soft and Hard Knee
  • Attack range between 0.01ms and 0.9s
  • Compression ratio up to 30:1
  • Dry/Wet mix for parallel compression
  • Real time visualisation of input and output levels, gain reduction and VU
  • Graphic Scope
  • MIDI automation support
  • MIDI Learn for all the parameters
  • 7-bit MIDI Continuous Controller and 14-bit MIDI NRPN and RPN support
  • 10 factory presets included, 16 user presets per bank allowed
  • Copy, rename, save, load functions and more

Comp is available for 29€ / $39 and you can download a trial version from tekit-audio.com.

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