Variety Of Sound Density mkIII
Variety Of Sound Density mkIII

Density mkIII, Software compressor from Variety Of Sound.

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Danbei 10/08/2014

Variety Of Sound Density mkIII : Danbei's user review

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Nothing in particular. No stability problems. Available only in 32-bit, if you have a 64-bit sequencer, you will need a bridger.
Resource-efficient and low latency used in 32-bit, but with bridger jbridger it goes fast ... It's a shame.


Simple in its settings and allows to achieve good results very quickly with almost everything.
My favorite compressor for acoustic guitars among those I try freeware and paid.
I like him on the choruses, the elements in the background mix and master.

A saturation option that allows it to be "more transparent" to "slightly colored".

Very very hard to do anything with, in the same way, very very hard to give special effects.

Is not the best all the time, but never hurts.
He has the uncanny ability to be able to simply push items on the background of the mix.


I use it for over 2 years. Very good plugin!