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    E-MU TRACKER PRE-USB 2.0 - Dj Kyk's review


    I chose this card to its low cost and sufficient number of features and connectivity. I thought at first a 0404 USB, but the dealer I went to do the longer provided. My config: _PC Dell Vostro 1700 _Intel Core2 Duo T9300 - 2.50Ghz _3Go Ram…

  • E-MU 1212M V2

    E-MU 1212M V2 - Tbop's review


    This card is probably the best sound card for beginners because of its daughter card and its price / quality ratio surprising. EMU is a trusted brand and I sincerely advocates to spend € 40 more in a 1212M V2 than in 0404. I currently use Cubase S…

  • E-MU 0404

    E-MU 0404 - Dryfe's review


    - My son cheap, cheap, mostly chosen to take advantage of my Vst without latency. I have 3 years - Of Mao, layout, making voice projects a cubase SX2 - My pc is an old cuckoo, with 720mo of RAM, enough to make things simple and not too hungry R…

  • E-MU 0404

    E-MU 0404 - stefisto's review


    - Motiv for between Stereo (2 single G and D in fact) 24-bit 44-96Khz - Model home with me (so keyboard instrumentals VST and bass), guitarist and singer - Config P4 2.8Ghz 512MB DDR333, 120GB HDD and 2 1 of 160 - Table top synth mix with branc…

  • E-MU Proteus X2

    E-MU Proteus X2 - niconu's review


    "Do not defame" ... ae ... how it's done so just to say that it is a m. .. Unnamed install and run, even on a box of super clean race and optimizes music? Count 3 days non stop ^ to make a esprer 1.000me dsintall / install, which miraculously work…

  • E-MU Xboard 49

    E-MU Xboard 49 - damsession's review


    Lai I bought because it was more than my previous conpact with 16 knobs to manage certain plug and not very expensive I used at the beginning with atari stacy 4 (a Retired) and an old cubase expander this side of the see no problem too complex …

  • E-MU 1616M

    E-MU 1616M - chouwap's review


    Everything is already said. Note that it works with a PCI PCMCIA adapter. 6 among which 2 analog mic / line / instrument. ADAT and SPDIF. Optional worldclock. USE No specific problem. IMPLEMENTATION The DSP allows the singer to get alo…

  • E-MU 1820

    E-MU 1820 - Pilipili's review


    CHARACTERISTICS: - Pramplis 2 mic / line - connection Neutrick Combo Jack / XLR on which to connect: - A micro (with or without PSU 48 V Phantom) - Keyboard - A guitar with automatic adjustment of impdance Each prampli possde own potentio…

  • E-MU Emulator X2

    E-MU Emulator X2 - electik's review


    As stated by M1n05, you must have a sound card (or MIDI) EMU compatible and connected to the ordo to use this app. Not really good practice but, faced with the piracy of softwares, it is understandable that developers are trying to hard sell ... …

  • E-MU 0404 USB

    E-MU 0404 USB - Spooks's review


    I have prfr other external cards because I did not trust the firewire card for my laptop Dell Inspiron 6400 - Core2 Processor 2.0 Gig, 2 Gig 667Mhz RAM, XP Pro. It seems that USB2 is in favor of Firewire for PC (?) The EMU is USB2. I use it for ho…