E-MU 0404
E-MU 0404

0404, Internal PCI/ISA Sound Card from E-MU.

Dryfe 04/24/2008

E-MU 0404 : Dryfe's user review


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Value For Money : Excellent
- My son cheap, cheap, mostly chosen to take advantage of my Vst without latency. I have 3 years

- Of Mao, layout, making voice projects a cubase SX2

- My pc is an old cuckoo, with 720mo of RAM, enough to make things simple and not too hungry RAM.

Presonus Tube Pre-in preamp voices, Rode NT2 microphone and miserable Edirol MA1010 to mix-often I mix with AKG headphones, much better.

Go to this price, it goes.


- I had a problem with my first card, I can return it for service playback, they have given me another two months later, it started well but were kind and generous.

My other card was installed without problems

- No record of inconsistency, the general config is simple, but is really hard PatchMix to use and understand, I'm going willingly.
To meet an incompatibility with some software including VLC video player: the sound skips when you want to watch subtitled versions ....
- Ooh la, the manual, yeah blah blah ....


- Drivers unstable, often jumps my card, it cracks in the middle of a recording is difficult.
The map is hard to collect input levels consistent, careful to set the In the PatchMix ...

It's cheap, you said ....

- Drivers rarely updated, in short, do not expect a big change in this type of product ...

- In Cubase, I can get a minimum latency of 4 ms: thus largely exploited for the Mao.

- After twenty tracks played simultaneously, ca train. VSTS some RAM intensive I do not make it easy.
With a little courage and determination is reached, however, to circumvent the thing, in short, it's OK ...

I do not register in simultaneous tracks (bad) luckily ....


- I have three years
- Unstable drivers, in fact, the load times really breaks Patchmix candy at snack candy
- No, not tried that much of models, my first card computer music, but frankly, for an interesting introduction to the subject-ca forced to be attentive to the RAM, explore its software, and frankly it does.

- Yes, good value, the sound is not tip top, the signal that is slightly deformed po evil, go ...

- Indeed, as the first card, why not.
Strongly that I am rich