E-MU 0404
E-MU 0404

0404, Internal PCI/ISA Sound Card from E-MU.


E-MU 0404 : Anonymous 's user review


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I chose this card to the reputation of the brand, for its audio processing capabilities (24bit / 96kHz) and for the many among analog and numriques outputs (2 outputs / analog among asymtriques jack 6.35, I / O optical and coaxial, I / O pm), all in cable breakthrough.
I used me to listen, but especially to my prods (Dub, Drum & Bass, Hip Hop Abstract)
I have a card MSI KT3 ULTRA ARU mother, a proc AMD ATHLON XP 1800+, 512 DDRAM, 2 hard drives 7200 / min (1 40GB system, one 120GB and give samples)
I use Cubase SX, Reason 2.5, Wavelab 4 and Recycle 2.0
It connectea Logitech multimedia speakers (2.1 system), 2 sattelites and 1 subwoofer.


Installation without problems, drivers are installed nickel (the manual is tat a problem installing the drivers who are still a little young, but I have had no problems, no message error as mentioned in the installation guide ...)
No incompatibility with deficits above software configuration is done aisment for each of them.
Pdf manual supplied with the card is pretty well done, clear and prcis (and franais more)


No problem drivers (of updates are arranged on the site of E-mu condition enregisrter the product on their website)
I use Reason 2.5 in rewire with Cubase SX 1, and the sound is nickel, clear and powerful prcis on all frequencies (even with my poor system of listening)
Under Reason and Cubase, latency without problems down below 5 ms longer there is no latency direct recording and listening. In short it is happiness !!!


I use it recently but I like serious !!!
I like the patch mix dsp software supplied with the card (a virtual mixing desk with tracks for each numriques among analog and outputs), the effects included with the software (over 500 prsets) are ts of good quality and can be used without seeking the CPU of the computer thanks to the e-dsp system.
In conclusion, this card is gniale power and quality of its incomparable with other sound cards among range. only regret the breakthrough cables are too short to my taste (but hey I'm not going to diffivile that price l.
The report qualitprix is ​​staggering (99 euros for what it makes it almost donation)
In short, if your budget is limited and you want a quality of its professionnele for your pc with possiblit to connect external analog and priph numriques, this card is for you, not hesitate not go for it !!!