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Lanbox LCedit+
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ericvda4 03/12/2007

Lanbox LCedit+ : ericvda4's user review


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Software + LANBOX LCX
how long?
I have this product for 15 days.
But I was able to do things pointed in a short time and ensure a great show, 25 chores with 10 minutes in groups to give their 5 / 10 effects ...
operation with 70 circuits in grad. Garden tours 24, 24 yard, 6 front, and the rest in shower, cuts and against the light.

Aspect WYSYWYG. see on the screen of the mac (or pc) the scene, see the spotlight, their places and states. Lighting system level off or ...
Easy to program.
Portability of the product. make his lumeires in bed ....
In fact the link in usb remained reliable for 12 hours on ... But also works in TCP / IP

Other models?
I tried other software products on Mac.

Value for money.
Excellent ... For having 512 channels, work on TCP / IP, or USB, or midi is great. In addition we can work with a wireless Palm Pilot, or infrared remote control with Sony / Phillips ...

Yes I do it again this choice. and even if I'm happy with my Berhinger I Pesne certainment take much more my foot with the software. and Lanbox ...

a view of the time now.