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Thread WIN Busuyi Double-Neck Guitar

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1 WIN Busuyi Double-Neck Guitar
Hi. I'm not affiliated with Busuyi, but I did a review on one of its guitars, and the owner liked it enough to have a contest (I created a short video on the details and am posting it). I am not being paid for this, but as a fun project to help. Information and rules below:

Rules are simple. You have upward of 90-seconds to impress. Video yourself playing a cover or original composition, playing any two stringed-instruments (bass, rhythm, lead, acoustic, nylon classical, 6-string, 12-string... you get the idea). You can use split screen, or alternate between the two images, add some exciting effects or props, it's up to you. Only one entry per person. Any genre of music, e.g., country, rock, metal, classical, pop, etc. Upload your video to YouTube (or other video site) and post your link on the Busuyi Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/VeeRes17 The Busuyi community will judge the entrants on video creativity, playing skill, etc. Contest closes November 25, 2021. The winner can choose from one of 5 Busuyi double-neck/double-sided guitars. https://busuyiguitar.com/
One month to go... who's entering?