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Thread UCA202 vs UA-1EX Audio Interface

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1 UCA202 vs UA-1EX Audio Interface
Hi i was jus wondering which one would u recommend and y...between the Behringer UCA202 and the Edirol UA-1EX Audio interfaces.

I have a PC with no firewire connection (C2D3GHz, 2GBRAM, 500GBHDD, WinxpPRO)....and im not goin to spend alota $$ for some pro stuffs if these two items can jus do the job. i need to know wat advantage of one of these over the other since im havin a hard time choosin which one to get. And if one is better than the other....how big the difference would be? my point is ....will u notice the difference if u were using one first and then use the other after and compare the differences in sound quality, latency, etc...???

the reason i choose these two products is because i already have a Mixer, a Condenser Mic, Studio Monitor, and a USB Midi Controller keyboard(so i dont need a midi interface), ....i jus need an Audio interface to get my Audio to my DAW.

and pliz dont recommend other Interfaces unless they r reasonably cheap and better than these two.

THaNX n pliz reply....i really need ya help.