VSL (Vienna Symphonic Library) Vienna MIR

Vienna MIR, Software convolution reverb from VSL (Vienna Symphonic Library).

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VSL Updates Vienna MIR

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VSL has updated Vienna MIR to v1.1-1719.

New Features:
  • Group Editor: set focus to group of currently selected instrument.
  • Add Instrument dialog: the dialog suggests a General Purpose instrument type when using 3rdparty VSTis.

Bug fixes:
  • Update of MIR project handling code and underlying libraries to fix random crashes.
  • Added error message for users trying to load a not-existing project from recent-projects list.
  • Additional error message to inform users about possibly missing .vmi-files when a project cannot be loaded.
  • Group Editor: added missing update of group enumeration after removing a group.
  • Group Editor: fixed synchronization of group info after removing a group.
  • VST Plug-ins: loading presets for plug-ins without GUI failed.
  • Additional check to fix randomly frozen MIR icon meter.
  • Prevent crashes when an output format gets changed to a setup with too many channels.
  • Added a check to prevent multiple instances of MIR running at the same time.
  • Fixed VSTi window behavior, size of instrument window could not be changed (neither by the user nor the plugin, e.g., in Kontakt).
  • Fixed size of output meter labels (for values between -0 and -10, "-" was not visible).
  • Group editor showed old instrument entries after loading a new project.
  • Toggling the roomtone button caused unnecessary impulse response updates.
  • Additional checks to prevent denormalization problems with instruments sending very low output signals.

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