Zildjian Z Custom Rock Crash 16''
Zildjian Z Custom Rock Crash 16''

Z Custom Rock Crash 16'', Crash Cymbal from Zildjian.

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voodoocry 02/26/2006

Zildjian Z Custom Rock Crash 16'' : voodoocry's user review


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Just to put a small problem with the opinion just below, I have the older version of the cymbal (Zildjian before ke do decide to review its manufacturing).

I had the opportunity to play the new version is actually very musical, very rigid and not very pleasant and diversified under the baton.

The opposite of the old version actually! Ke that I have not the same hammering and the cymbal itself is thinner than the new version.

6 years I owned and the sound has not moved a pet fly! I had the great martyr at certain times and in certain contexts, it has always given me satisfaction and pleasure. Moreover, I changed bcp cymbals but it has always been ...

So its side, it has the power of A Custom brilliance but rather to fly, is closer to that of a K Custom! The top is that this is a very musical cymable but also very strong! This also differentiates the strength of a K Dark Crash since obviously, it must hit a little harder to give it its full potential.

I use it in many contexts, especially on stage to play rock, fusion, hardcore, funk, psyche and even music for jazz (not Acoustik though)!

To summarize: be careful I think applies to describe the illustrious old version of this cymbal much better than the current pitiful!

To note, I therefore put a damper against the heart to punish Zildjian, ki sacrificed the sound of the old version to sell to big hitters ... shame!