Zildjian Z Custom Rock Crash 17''
Zildjian Z Custom Rock Crash 17''

Z Custom Rock Crash 17'', Crash Cymbal from Zildjian.

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seventh 02/27/2005

Zildjian Z Custom Rock Crash 17'' : seventh's user review


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Purchased in 1998. Contrary to what I read about the 18''(and thus, I come to doubt what has been told), I have no problem with the strength of the series cymbals Z . On the contrary, they are so heavy and thick, I do not even see how someone has managed to chip one with chopsticks. And yet, I have long played with chopsticks carbon ahead, and that, as killer of cymbals, I have not yet found better. And so, what have they become, these totes and Sabian B8 B8pro slowly torn to force the wrist?
Brief. The problem with this crash is that it marries well with other series cymbals. So if you want to pif / bam your crash, you will have to think about buying a 18''and more of it (the 19''is too dark for my taste to go with the 17''). on the other hand, what up then! Big tearing his race (at the risk of becoming painful for your little friends trying to scratch their gringrin fetishes), therefore if a local does not resonate too much!
If you want to play metal (and more or less, than that), go for it head down, if not, listen carefully to consider what you could do, how to integrate it. It is typed, it will not be easy.