Zildjian ZXTR4P
Zildjian ZXTR4P

ZXTR4P, Cymbal Pack from Zildjian in the ZXT series.

Camille The Boss 04/26/2004

Zildjian ZXTR4P : Camille The Boss's user review


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This is the kit ZXT rock, with Charley, Crash, ride, comes with a bag, but not good quality but hey trs is better than nothing and adpanne, there is no need to buy one when it is not.

I use it for a year now.
I love the big fat well, although rock, same farm, HH rock sounds, but I think it is best expressed ajar.

trs are bright, attention to the ears. If the scratch has no big bottom amp pousss means more than the cymbals, especially the crash. The ride sounds good, it a good ping Dfine, that stands out. They have good sustain, without too much last as long, just enough.

I hit it like a real nag, and they are always impcablement intact. As against this, can not play anything but rock / mtal to reggae, was not even worth thinking about, it was also to have that I love, the kit is made for METAL AND ROCK! and that's it! for jazz there not even think they have no subtilis even hitting them gently, they sound strong!

UNBEATABLE price quality ratio! I pay 450 or 500 in allemaqne and for that price I had a complete set, even when it lacks a 2nd crash a little bigger, but that's for later. I do it again without hsitation this choice, even if Z The series is best, it is also much CHRE and not affordable for my budget.

This kit is for professional quality. I put 10/10 because I find really no default for a kit that price l.