Mytek Stereo 96 DAC
Mytek Stereo 96 DAC
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fabamarie 12/30/2011

Mytek Stereo 96 DAC : fabamarie's user review

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I for 1 week I change hsitais pregnant or have a subwoofer for bass, treat even the play (but I'll dmnager bientt) and then to the final I know my speakers, so I decided to take a good DA converter

so my first listen, this is the slap, but not in a good way, of uneasiness, I can feel that the speaker is not square, the focal speakers are even more glaring in the High mdium short, rcouter my mix is ​​a disaster. it's just amazing how we gain in precision, yet I have a RME FF800, but I really have a very accuracy of all depth idea which I had no id e before I took time to get used (as if suddenly instruments started from behind the screen)
for bass, printing grasp everything, superb, I have a low mix in 2 times faster than before

Actually, I do not know why I expected the beautiful sound and in fact no, I'm entry in the matrix, my true sound, frequencies that I could not hear before but I felt, l I can clearly correct.

in the end for my first mix with this converter, my mix seems to have more body but mostly I get much better calibrate reverbs, get more voice in the mix, in short, one must relearn is impressive. l really I find that my speakers are superb, panoramic, depth, bass, I really gained on many levels
we must all the same I used to, I put myself listen songs on my speakers to get used to and analyzing