Mytek Stereo 96 DAC
Mytek Stereo 96 DAC
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fabamarie 12/30/2011

Mytek Stereo 96 DAC : fabamarie's user review

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I've had one week, I was hesitant to change speakers or have a subwoofer for bass, process even more room (but I will move soon) and then in the end I know my speakers, so I decided to take a good DA converter

then my first listen, this is the slap, but not in the right direction, sense of unease, I can feel that the speaker is misplaced, the speakers are even more glaring focal in the upper medium, short, listen to my mix is ​​a disaster. it's just amazing how we gain in accuracy, and yet I have an RME FF800, but now I'm really a very clear idea of ​​the depth of which I had no idea before I took time get used to (as if the instruments suddenly went from behind the screen)
for low impression of any type, superb, I mixed in a low 2 times faster than before

indeed, I do not know why I expected the beautiful sound and is not, I walked into the matrix, my true sound frequencies that I could not hear before but I felt there I clearly correct.

in the end for my first mix with this converter, my mix seems to have more body but also I get a lot better to dose the reverbs, to return the voice in the mix, in short, we must relearn everything is awesome. I find this really my speakers are superb, the pan, depth, bass, I really won on many plans
should I still get used, I entrust myself to listen to songs on my speakers to get used and analyzed, a kind of calibration which is surprising because listening to songs and to locate the voice well the center and all the instruments around, I see clearly the different plans and large imperfections of my mix