Alesis USB Recording Kit
Alesis USB Recording Kit

USB Recording Kit, DAW Pack from Alesis.

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AlanForPresident 09/09/2012

Alesis USB Recording Kit : AlanForPresident's user review

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The Alesis USB recording kit is great for you if you are a beginner and want to get a whole set up at a affordable price. It comes with a pair of Alesis M1Active 320 USB Monitors that have a very natural sound to them. You wont mix or master any Grammy nominated songs in them but they will give you a good mix to go and build off of. They have a solid low end to them that can get a little muddy if you turn it really loud, so make sure you don’t mix at a loud level and stay away from the low frequencies. It also comes with a interface that has dual pre amps and they have 48V phantom power, midi in and out and a headphone jack. This all will connect with your computer via USB connection. The kit does come with a DAW too, Steinberg Cubase LE will come with this package. You will have everything you need to record and mix your songs right out of the box with the Alesis USB recording Kit.
The price is very reasonable and not too much, since I no longer use this its hard to remember exactly how well it worked with my laptop. But the sound quality is pretty decent, I have heard a lot worse in this same price range. The best part of this kit is probably the fact that you get a good pair of Monitors along with Cubase LE. Alesis now has the MK2 Monitors out and they are much better than the ones that come with this kit. If you are really pressed for money then this kit is for you. But if you have some money to invest, you can build your own recording kit and purchase everything individual and get a way better sound with a little more of an investment.