Dynacord MDL-10
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blackle 03/16/2011

Dynacord MDL-10 : blackle's user review


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Digital Delay of his condition 10 of Dynacord MDL offers a total of 7 presets, The first 3 are three adjustable delay ranges from 75 ms to 600 ms, a flanger with short delay and modulation of delay by a fixed clock. There are also two doublings, a Dynacord that specialized for brass and reeds and a second one a little different.
For strings and keyboards there is also an effect of "chorus", a sort of no Leslie simulation engine. So the classic for its time. That said the MRF 10 may do better because (little tip inside) imagine that you can press several keys at once (two is more than enough) and then enjoy a "range" effect much more interesting than at first. Therefore the memory is read with the modulation of the delay, chorus, flanging enjoy the feedback.
This machine has two input jacks, mixable one front and one rear of the rack, both do not have the same sensibility, that of the front being more sensitive and higher impedance, is aimed at connecting an instrument, is behind the line input.


In evangelical simplicity .. There is often a little surprised about the delay potentiometer is turning to the right that the delay is shorter .. Ditto for the knob "REGEN" command that usually serves to multiply the echo and accentuate the effect of the flanger sound to color .. Certainly, there is no face to the night but this is still not great logic ..


The digital system is 12 bit and believe my ears the sampling works probably in the 22 kHz as the bandwidth of this device seems to be limited to 10 kHz ..


and it works rather well. It's not too difficult to handle and quite effective, for if you compare against this one day with a Dynacord D1500 Yamaha or Lexicon PCM 41/42 from home, there is no doubt that you will quickly forget the MDL10 ..