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tweak 06/22/2009

Eowave Spacebug : tweak's user review


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Delay, chorus, flange STEREO, reverb, echo
Analog Modeling
2 audio inputs + 2 outputs Line Line in Jack 6.35mm, the Left input can also go in the CV
1 LFO, 1 knob, for regeneration, 1 for the time interval between these two, one volume pot dry / wet, and a switch effect On / Off.
I would have preferred a syncro MIDI or a tap tempo as the CV.


The configuration is simple and can get very crazy things, but to all the simple is difficult because the knobs are very sensitive and the slightest fart fly micro radically changes the effect.
It's easy to get something but something usable: it is much more difficult.
Very difficult to find a setting that brings exactly the result we had managed to obtain.


The effect is creative, fun, it sounds good. Choruss can, do phasing, dub hi hat, playing with feedback, making special effects, extend the width stereo but nothing comes easy. Fortunately knobs invite to crushing and are good and fluid.
I use it with synths and BAR.
Lower wholesale: food pedal treble when the effect is cranked the volume pot with mix and yet the setting is sometimes useful. It's very annoying to lose the presence of sound.
9 for creativity, 7 treble disappear.


Used for 1 year.
+ + +
It is well built and solid.
a stereo delay effect over all other bonus is nice for this price.
creative and varied effects
I like to juggle with the on / off
manufactured in France for once.

Chow treble
difficult to find something that sounds good
and hard to find

For 150 € OCCAZ of AC was worth it. Nine for 300 I was really disappointed.
For 300 € because there are effects that are worth more Dynacord instantly.
I hesitate to keep him. I'll use a little more and then I'd see if I sell it for a TAM 21.