Redson EC-25
Redson EC-25

EC-25, Delay / Echo from Redson.

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sonicmath 07/21/2005

Redson EC-25 : sonicmath's user review


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This is an echo chamber band powered by a 8-track cartridge era for using a car radios. has three entries: two of them has a line selector / microphone and volume of knob. These entries are to be used when you want shuffled the original signal with the echo. between the troisime can not make out the echo, and as it has no level of variable, it seems dedicates use via a table, insert effect, to treat a track recorded dj. there is also a given level of meter. which is convenient when you want to echo the panning. there are two outputs, a low and a high level. finally taken to a remote dclencheur I think (at least I did not: D). All entries are size large jack.

There's also the RCA input / output the rear but I never test.

addition to the two pots of level, we have a serious knob and one of Aiges playing on the echo signal, a knob which varies the level of the echo, useful when two signals are shuffled, and one which knob varrier the duration of the effect (of an infinite echo perptuelle: D). Finally, one last rule that the tape speed and thus the frquence things.

the whole is of course analog as big as a small amp room, built to last and quite pretty, at least sober.


It's not complicated to use it trs. you plug in between, all the pots to a minimum, it mounts the volume of without saturating, after you adjust the level of cho and everything and if it is not too bte know to use it quickly, at least I got there. APRS is all there to be careful and well connected.


The Intrets the bazaar is that it can be used on all occasions, and quite road. one can renbtrer DIFFERENT types of signals. an electric guitar, the output low dirrectement plugs into the amp and can overload the signal. APRS prampli or a microphone. or indeed in the mix, with which separates between the two signals, for processing and panning the indpendemment echo of the original signal. it can be used as lgre reverb, or if you turn the volume high enough cho and cho-long short gives the sound of 50's rock'n'roll reverb or well we do it all on a last frquence slow and hop one is David Gilmour, or you can make the dub, or noise if you put the knob of hard bottom. if not for a big guitar sound when you have a small budget: take a track from a solo, it is passed between the troisime (which shows that the echo you need to know if you have follow-up), we put the amount of echo bottom of the pots not last too long, max speed, we put a left, right, and a bluff at all.

must be the saturation gaffe that's all. and then it's also when a saturated D.

Anyway it is an indispensable tool when you want to navigate the worlds psychedliques. and what type of gear is legendary. and this class.


I found There's a few years on a flea market for 200 or 300 bullets (if I remember more c'tait before 2002 or not) and since this is my favorite effect. wench she is indispensable and I do trs attention as much as finding the cartridge is complicated trs. but instead it is cheaper than Rolland I think and I think that the level of sound quality is the same whatever may be cleaner in Rolalnd.

but skip it when you see one