Behringer Ultra-G GI100
Behringer Ultra-G GI100

Ultra-G GI100, DI from Behringer.

moosers 02/12/2009

Behringer Ultra-G GI100 : moosers's user review


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The Behringer Ultra-G GI100 is a direct input box. It has a 1/4 inch input for your instrument and an XLR output to send a microphone cable to your audio interface or preamp. I also has options for cabinet simulation and a pad. It is built sturdy and would be hard to break the outside casing. It is not rackable, as it is a direct box.


This DI box is extremely easy to set up and to use. It won't color your sound and reproduces your direct signal well, whether your using guitar, bass guitar, or keyboards. You can use the button options as you wish for certain situations. I never looked at the manual as this is pretty easy to figure out how to use.


The direct box doesn't have the cleaning direct sound I have heard, but it won't color the sound and reproduces a good signal. I have used this mostly with bass guitar and keyboards, but have also used it with electric guitar. It works well for all of these applications because it gives a pretty accurate sound. My complaint about the sound would be that it is a little dull and isn't as bright or vibrant sounding as I would like it to be.


I've had ehringer Ultra-G GI100 direct input box for about four years. It is a nice option to use when I need to record a few direct signals at once. I have a Countryman DI box that is my go to DI box and use it when I only have one direct signal. This provides me with a cheap option to capture a direct signal that is fine for demoing stuff and for if you need a few direct boxes at once, as its cheap. While Behringer doesn't have the best reputation, and this isn't the best DI box I've used, its extremely cheap price makes it attractive and worth checking out.