Behringer Ultra-G GI100
Behringer Ultra-G GI100

Ultra-G GI100, DI from Behringer.

Echo tango 08/21/2004

Behringer Ultra-G GI100 : Echo tango's user review


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I will not insult you by retyping the CHARACTERISTICS of the DI box.
Go to the site for more Behringer. In this résumé boiboite runs on 9V or phantom power from your mixer. It possde 2 attnuation of 20db pads, a simulation of 4x12 hp and a ground lift. We can connect any signal and shows a low signal impdance. Ah yes, she is red and beefy, which makes it even better.


The manual is clear and MRIE to be read, if only for not using the ultra DCON G hp output of an amplifier lamps.


I use it to enter my table in my Electroacoustic (piezo => UltraG => between micro) and the sound is very clear, no hum, no noise (which is not n'tait case with an external prampli).
Simulation can possibly dpanner hp, but nothing beats a well located in front of the microphone amplifier.


Acqurir before I had a passive DI with DOD that never really aid. Makes you wonder if this stuff has never worked one day. Finally, even when I could rcuprer the case. With ultre G is the day and night (as when a device fills the rle for which it was purchased. The report quality price is OK (like all Behringer by the way). A More help purchase a title.