Countryman TYPE 85 Direct Box
Countryman TYPE 85 Direct Box

TYPE 85 Direct Box, DI from Countryman.

mooseherman 09/19/2010

Countryman TYPE 85 Direct Box : mooseherman's user review

« Pure-sounding DI with no distortion or coloring »

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This is an almost ubiquitous DI box, one that I have seen in many studios. It is an analog DI box. It has a 1/4" input, as well as a 1/4" output to an amplifier if you want to use it in tandem with an amp. It has an XLR output that is it's main output as a DI. It also has a switch to choose between instruments with Pickups and those that have speakers (mainly, a bass guitar or a keyboard). There is also a ground switch to use in case of getting excess noise, which I have rarely encountered. When I did encounter it, it was minimal and the ground switch eliminated it. There are no effects on this DI box.


There is really no editing to be done on this DI box. It's main selling point is that it is totally transparent, which is a good thing in a DI box. The setup is pretty basic, just run a 1/4" cable to the "Instrument" input, another one to an Amp if you are using one in tandem with the DI, and then an XLR out of the back into the XLR input. The manual is pretty much unnecessary, if you've used a DI before this is a piece of cake.


The reason so many people have used these DIs is because they are totally transparent. While some might see this as a drawback, I happen to think that it's a great attribute. With the right amp modeling, and EQing, this might be the best way to record Bass and Keys that I know of. Even with a great bass, a great amp and good mics (as well as good pre's), I'd still probably do a DI signal as well as the amped signal, and get a nice blend between the two. I use this on a Motif keyboard and it also sounds fantastic. I kind of hate the sound of a DI guitar, but if I had to do it this DI would sound as good as any other (since I'd have to use amp modeling anyway). Sometimes I do get a little bit of noise but the ground switch on the back has always taken care of that problem, at least to the point that it is buried within a mix if it's even there at all.


I like the transparency of this pedal, as well as the ease of use. It's the most barebones DI I've used, and I love it for that. It's not really a bad price when you consider how much other transparent DIs can cost. The sound quality is superb. I've tried a few DIs but none that were as transparent. Highly recommended.