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Audacity Audacity 1
Audacity Audacity 1

Digital Audio Editor from Audacity

Thread audacity: a free audio editor

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1 audacity: a free audio editor
to people who doesn't know audacity, it's a free audio editor and can save your work into wav or mp3. Very easy to use it, enjoy:)

I have used this to record audio when logic was deleted and i lost the disc.Now i use cubasis,though occasionally i do use audacity for its vast number of effects that are more 'customizable' then those pro ones,even though audacity effects tend to be harder to use as there is no feedback to how much is avarage etc,etc (no graphics).
Is it absolutely, beyond all shadow of a coubt, safe to download off the net? On Yahoo questions and answers, someone asked, and I thought it suspect that, instead of all the affirming answerers having avatars and user names (for Yahoo), every answer (all positive in response) were simply "answerer 1", "answerer 2", etc. Do the moderators and owners of this site agree that Audacity is completely safe?

I don't know exactly what you mean by "safe", but I'm quite sure about the fact that the download is virus-free (all software available on Sourceforge are checked for virus). I did not hear about any spyware or so.

Anyway, this is a "well known" freeware. I think you can get it without any problem :)
Okay. I just downloaded the Beta 1.3 version, and found I had to buy a subscription to get activation. Is it like that with the 1.2 as well? I have been planning to buy a program sometime, so, in the meantime, "free audio editor" looked like a good deal.
Or am I the only one that seems to think that in downloading the programs, it is downloaded as an inactive program, and then registration to get an activation key is demanded, and this seems only possible to one of two priced subscriptions?