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Thread Yamaha 01V96 - distort channel (robot voice)

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1 Yamaha 01V96 - distort channel (robot voice)
I am new at sound work altogether, but as I am familiar with computers and buttons, a local group of actors asked me to do the sound controls in a local play. I have the Yamaha 01V96 at my disposal, and have the basics worked out pretty OK.

In one of the scenes (it's a live performance) they want the voice of one of the actors to be distorted to sound like a robot/computer, and in another scene a voice should sound like it's over the phone.

My problemr has two parts:
1: I think I have managed to add one of the basic filters (echo) to a specific channel (CH01) on a specific scene, as the display shows the filter as "on" on that particulas scene only when I browse the scenes. However, I can't hear any echo. (I followed the instructions in page ~160 in the manual)

2: Which filter(s) should I use to make a robotic sound, and which for the phone voice?

Any help and pointers in the right direction would be appreciated by this noobie.

For the robot like voice I think you should use a vocoder (I can't remember if there is one amongst the on board effects of the 01V96).

For the phone voice you can use a very severe EQ (low cut below 300 to 500 Hz, high cut above 4 to 7 kHz, boost on the 2-3 kHz region), distortion or even bitcrush to 8 bit and a small amount of echo. You can also use some compression.
Thank you for your tips! I'll try the EQ part next time I have my hands on the mixer.

I tried a few of the built in filters last time, and found one that made me sound like a smurf. I'll try to tweak the parameters on that one to make it sound a bit like a robot/computer voice. It doesn't have to be so much; it's important that the dialog isnæt lost, as it is a vital part of the play. ;)