PreSonus StudioLive 16.0.2
PreSonus StudioLive 16.0.2

StudioLive 16.0.2, Digital Mixer from PreSonus in the StudioLive Classic series.

TheJeff666 02/26/2013

PreSonus StudioLive 16.0.2 : TheJeff666's user review

« HUGE PC sound card!! »

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For specifications, there are too many to list here, see other opinions and site builder.
Overall a numerical table of classical architecture, everything is much more to see ....
very well designed ...


Note that I use the Presonus Studiolive only as sound card, and not mixing desk / live recording. So use a little devious. Used with a powerful PC designed specifically for computer music, and thus with the correct chipset firewire. For audio streams, like many pro even on PC, I always preferred the Firewire to USB for stability foolproof.
For installation, the date of purchase, immediately recognized, not the least hassle, tested immediately on projects cubase loaded (multiple instances of diva, multiple instances of kontakt, plugs and good lovers on the slopes and master. ..), recording a voice and two guitars live and in stereo to test the machine, one passing through a stereo auxiliary (eventide space) is in tears, on the same project cubase with plugs on recorded tracks, all within a 5 millisecond latency input / output .... in less than 30 minutes and without manual by the way ... seller that uses a mac was amazed, it works better than at home, he had trouble believe it, but I told him on the phone, it was he who insisted me to try before you buy .. .
The manual is very simple, I've never opened, yet I had never used digital table. I will not print it ... When the accessibility of the most common, it is even more simple this table is a regal ergonomics and ease of use once you understood the architecture is very logical. One button, one function, ultra-fast workflow .... Perfection does not exist, but it is really perfect for me. A successful product, conceived and designed by and for musicians, it is rare these days. Presonus hat.


For sound, and well as a great surprise, one is faced with a real product ... Nothing to do with the sound card base our home studio, there is a range above at or not far from RME (I leave a focusrite pro 24, and I've worked with Digidesign cards, RME, EMU, M audio ...), but with transparency and ease of use more ...
The table is transparent and respects the signal, the dynamic is absolutely excellent (this is a product designed for live, do not forget ...), the preamps are very good, I never had breath from the table, even with gain trim and bottom.
All audio streams (I did not say track ...) have a "Fat Chanel" includes limiters, compressors, low-pass filters, 3-band equalizers, gate ... all the settings are memorized the Fat Chanel and even has presets ... is already very good, but it borders on genius or is it fat chanel is used anywhere on your input channels of course, but also on the FX or and even better Returns on firewire ...


Overall, a successful product, conceived and designed by and for musicians, ease of use disconcerting. I go out a Focusrite Pro 24 (very good card entry), and I've worked with Digidesign cards, RME, EMU, M audio ...
I am old and I like the comfort, so tired of cabler and rewire before recording an idea ... with Studiolive, I set up all my connected (several synths, guitar and bass amps more, microphones, DI, and especially my FX to tinker and torturing my sounds) and constantly ready to pounce .. . an idea? I open a track in my daw, I hop affects and I record. A singer who comes with a friend who plays the Jew's harp and da that was not planned ... okay, 10 minutes after I recorded everything and 15 minutes after I turned the jalopy in TB303 bass line so .... imagine what I can do with a didgeridoo ...
I love everything about this sound card, and especially his ability to forget. One downside, but inherent in the product design and target segment, it may be fragile, so handle with care, with a good fly, in the case of intensive use in sound. In my case, static in my home studio, this is not a problem.
When the value for money, you know a lot of pro sound cards around € 1,000, with a terrible sound, offering 16 tracks, 4 auxiliary, 16 firewires returns, bus effects, a fat channel used on all voice , noon, memories, presets, stability copy, use and absolutely transparent ergonomically almost perfect? ben, I'll wait until we sort of presonus Studiolive Deluxe steel frame and 100 mm motorized fader and I'll buy one ....