PreSonus StudioLive 16.4.2
PreSonus StudioLive 16.4.2

StudioLive 16.4.2, Digital Mixer from PreSonus in the StudioLive series.

Noisekino 03/24/2010

PreSonus StudioLive 16.4.2 : Noisekino's user review


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16 Mic inputs
2 stereo inputs in Supp
6envois to,
4 groups


super simple to access, is departing why I turned to it because it's a very intuitive digital console, it has everything at hand, no pages and sub menu has the con .. .


great sound guys and all I loved it sleeps
often compared to a 01v on both its size and price levels audio, presonus yamaha Unstick the


I've had it about 9 months
I'm really super happy!!
Only one thing can damage level fx y 'as reverbs and delays, fx no more "exotic" (distortion, vocoder ...)
I love this console, besides, I'll probably replace my config 24 track analog 24 track version of the presonus, suddenly I do not know if I'll keep the 16 ....