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[NAMM] PreSonus StudioLive Mixers Updated

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PreSonus StudioLive 24.4.2
News PreSonus StudioLive 24.4.2

Digital Mixer from PreSonus belonging to the StudioLive series

PreSonus has announced new updates to its StudioLive series digital mixers.

New features include:

  • QMix. Up to 10 musicians can simultaneously control their PreSonus StudioLive monitor (aux) mixes using an iPhone or iPod touch and PreSonus’ QMix app, a free download from the Apple App Store. QMix/VSL is a solution allowing multiple users to each control their own aux from separate iPhones.
  • Smaart Engine Technology. PreSonus has begun incorporating Rational Acoustics’ Smaart Measurement Technology for sound-system analysis and optimization into PreSonus Virtual StudioLive remote-control/editor/librarian software. Smaart technology and VSL are designed to let you identify bad feedback frequencies and get your loudspeakers to play nicer with the room-all without having a degree in acoustical engineering. The first version of VSL to incorporate Smaart technology will be part of PreSonus Universal Control 1.6, which is expected to be available later this spring.
QMix for iPhone
  • Universal Control 1.5.3 and StudioLive Remote 1.2. Universal Control 1.5.3 features a new version of Virtual StudioLive that supports the new QMix iPhone app, including QMix permissions (so that each user controls only one specified aux mix) and the ability to name aux buses. Universal Control 1.5.3 also adds VSL features that work with PreSonus StudioLive Remote 1.2 for iPad to enable SL Remote permissions so that iPad users can only control front-of-house mixer features or a specified aux. Tap tempo has been added to both VSL and StudioLive Remote. Finally, VSL adds the ability to copy and load channels, copy main mix to aux mix (and aux to aux), link channel faders so that they can move together, and make your StudioLive mixer default to Fader Locate Mode once a fader has been adjusted in VSL or in StudioLive Remote for iPad.


For more information, visit www.presonus.com.

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