Sony DMX-R100
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theaudioandvideoguy 03/25/2012

Sony DMX-R100 : theaudioandvideoguy's user review

« No longer made :( »

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The Sony DMX R 100 is a digital mixer that has everything you need, and I mean everything! My first time seeing this in person was a while back and I had no idea how to operate it. It was kind of confusing because its like a hardware that’s a software on the onboard screen. But once I fished through the manual a bit I understood the basic functions of it, and once I got that down I was good to go and never looked back. In one of the local studios still has this so I still have a chance from time to time to get to work with it. Sony has stopped making these though, after they never really produced a lot of them to begin with. I am not sure why, I am glad that I had a chance to work with this hardware though. It was unlike any other hardware mixer I have every used.


Not easy to use at all, it takes time to understand how things work and seeing all the menus and sub menus. You will need to read the manual, no mater how much you had manuals you will need to pick this one up unless you have someone else there with you that can teach you first hand how to operate this.
So don’t get this with the hopes of just plugging it up and just going with the flow like most of us do. I burned hours trying to do it my way before I finally gave in and picked up the manual.


Sounds are great, it will give you a very solid mix. Unfortunately most software can do the exact same thing this can do which is the reason you are seeing most of these type of units go out and never come back. Because software can be offered at a cheap price and has no overhead meaning they only have to create the program once and sell it a ton of times. Where hardware has to be produced and each unit cost. that’s why software is taking over mixers like the Sony DMX R 100


Overall, no complaints I love it. Its just a shame that its not being made anymore so don’t bother trying to get this at guitar center!