Yamaha 01V
Yamaha 01V

01V, Digital Mixer from Yamaha in the 01V series.

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wse85 12/14/2011

Yamaha 01V : wse85's user review

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Value For Money : Excellent


Config gnle rather simple, you plug and running.
A manual trs 300 pages full of useful s'avre who does not know Yamaha ....
The handling is simple asser must get used to navigate through menus and sub menus.
01v of the M7CL, Yamh kept the same logic.
7 / 10


The Yamaha 01V pmris a few wrinkles of course. But it remains for me very practical for a small group or aA sound. It should "kick the EQ" does not expect a sound that will put your ass on the floor ... But for the price, especially now occas', though I find I find it.
The practice of having ct, compress' gate, limiter, etc. effects. just to walk around in without his rack.
Pramps of a little cold. But in any fawn they will not play with a 01V system or Christan Adamson Hell ... It will fit your small, medium and fill out its config rle.
6 / 10


I used two, sometimes link together for seven years. The 01v silent the best quality price numrique.
I tried mackie, today I have a live studio prsonus 24. I will not speak of the "larger" essay because numrique see anything ...
I think I buy a 01V96V2 for small benefits and live thatre.
I like the least and the navigation a bit cold in ct pramp.
Excellent price quality ratio, I possd four in all. Never fault or bug. these preparations in loc, and I shot a lot of concerts. Yam Costaud anyway.
7 / 10