Yamaha 01X
Yamaha 01X

01X, Digital Mixer from Yamaha.

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Bigwolf 01/17/2006

Yamaha 01X : Bigwolf's user review


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A 9 / 10 for no word clock input.


So good,
For anyone who knows the Yamaha digital consoles, the handling is a cinch. In stand alone mode, the console is usable although I would advise to make the sound studio with no manager, but given the possibilities of the beast, anything is possible (while remaining in the proportions of the internal bus of course).
For neophytes, take the time to read the manual, it is well done and explains everything, even the basic concepts of mixing, Mrs. manufacturers take example ... with a little patience and concentration you have a really really powerful tool.

The config on my PC went by without any problems (10 minutes by my watch) do I have the chance?

In terms of routing, I am amazed, we keep the same principle and almost the same flexibility as the Big Sisters of the series 96. What a pity mLan ports are not as flexible as the physical inputs!!

The Instrument input works really well, no need to DI! if so really.


It is on the converters it is gate. Sympathy for yamaha frankly I would say they are using. The use of an external preamp is required. The upside is that at 8 preamp microphone automatically (although the last 6 are TRS without phantom power supply) which can be used ...

For internal processing is the yamaha, but not effective trenscendant, the EQ, compressor, gate and others do their job, nothing more or less, and offer everything you could wish to mix properly. The color and the "big sound" will only be achieved through devices, but the routing is powerful enough to consider a hybrid configuration really push.

The effects are the same as the 96, so efficient and clean as it remains moderate in the assay. but everyone knows that too much effect kills the effect!! the amp simulations are more than sufficient to replace the product type Vamp for a guitarist who wants to make own demos.


Great art!

It is MUCH more than a computer interface / control surface. The possibilities are immense and mixing the option of adding 16 I / O via mLan is really interresting.

If we forget the preamp, it's flawless and considering the price we can invest in ancillary equipment.

so do not hesitate, go for it!