Yamaha 01X
Yamaha 01X

01X, Digital Mixer from Yamaha.

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Lougarou 12/13/2010

Yamaha 01X : Lougarou's user review

«  Simply brilliant! »

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Nice little console for recording / sound / mixing stage.
Connectors enough to catch live bands as small jacks 6.35 8 inputs including 2 XLR microphone + alim so ...
Console automated (automation) memory routing INPUTS and OUTPUTS.
Each slice is equipped with 3-band parametric EQ and dynamics processor (with a library of presets, EQ + dynamics).
All these settings are saved settings on the PC Studio Manager. We can obviously re-inject these settings PC-01X console
Syncro 24bit/96kHz and frequency which is not bad at all! I put 8 / 10 because the software remains laborious side which is sad in 2008/2010


The configuration is very simple: read the manual several times at each step of the configuration or well for dipping procedures or the meaning of each procedure.
The manual is synthetic, it is necessary to dive regularly but it is still worth the shot because the bug still displays a certain flexibility that is not negligible (can be very flexible routing anyway for the price and quality!) .
The per-game controls are direct access (system settings pages). it becomes complicated because the current parameter values are not displayed directly. It's easier by the Studio Manager. Moreover, some parameters are only accessible by the Studio Manager. Which may be binding for mixing stage.

I note 7 / 10 for the config console that requires a lot of proofreading. But hey, it is true that by the Studio Manager software, all tasks of setup is easy, but on stage again ... Or so it must be pretty well organized and prepare for the job at home ...


The treatment is clear, the dynamics is respected, are effective EQ, dynamics as well.

His question, I put 9 / 10: you can have good sound with this console, be familiar with the sound, which is still essential in zic!


I use for almost three years.
This is my first external system like this. I was using a Korg D1200 digital multitrack or ADAT interface for DSP2000 and I do not know what brand that suited me well but the 01X is much more efficient and peoples full and far.
For the price, we would like a sytème with more processing power but these systems already exist and are obviously more expensive DM2000 02R96 etc. ... I dream at night!
What I like the setup is flexible routing, the effectiveness of treatments based EQ + Dynamic with different presets and type of dynamic compressor, expander, compander ...) The software inputs (16 channels). The pssoibilité couple of other systems mLan is not negligible either, but I have not had time to explore this feature ...
As it turns out that secondhand, ven when the choice is very interesting for a musician who wants to be a good little home studio, produce scale models of high quality home or make scenes effectively.
Quick reminder to other AFien, I never had a problem with his "rotten" from my 01X! may be setting a bad passing by ...

the only major drawback of this machine is the software management: driver for XP than in case of change of config should re-install the drivers .. Why can not they make drivers for Yamaha Plug n 'Play, things are a little more automatic?

I note even when 9 / 10 because the 01X despite its limitations remains a superb tool for making good zic.