djrod 12/11/2012

Yamaha 02R V2 : djrod's user review


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The No 02 / R V1ou V2 are not formatted Rack

First 8 slices XLR JACK INSERT
JACK 8 Next
4 Stereo Jack
2 TR IN jack and RCA
2 XLR +4 dB Master Double JACK-10dB
L / R Studio Monitor
L / R Control Room Monitor
6 Aux Send jack
1 TR in digital AES
2 TR Coaxial digital in
Digital Out 1 Stereo AES
1 Stereo Digital Coaxial
BNC Word Clock IN OUT
And SMPTE Time Code MTC

16 in Mono
4 in Stereo
6 For
2 For internal (Effects)
8 Bus

Parametric EQ on all channels + Master in
In no EQ on Aux (but there are hints)
Automation Supported remember that it is a studio console


Yes, of course you need a little experience of digital consoles but just fast enough I think

The manual is clear and sufficient

Yes Gains The EQs are surface
(On screen for comp and gate effect)

This is correct for a console of this generation


More or less should be determined using the console for the studio converter being 20 Bits today there are much more efficient
The effects just beyond
EQs do not shoot too but this is true for all consoles
Dynamics is correct
Note that I used the console preamps with ADAT in


Already 5 Years

Yes a lot of choices this budget also
I think soon to change its model 96Khz

I love his flawless reliability mm with electric scouring cuts
it loses nothing, do not forget the store button when mm.


mm in the condition that when I buy a lot of budget functions
headband, good control surface

Yes I would do this choice