linn134 12/06/2013

Yamaha 02R V2 : linn134's user review

« A reference »

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Is rack?

What is the type of connectors (RCA, Jack, XLR ...)?
Standard: XLR microphones, Jack lines, plus a few inputs and outputs with XLR and RCA. 4 slots for optional inputs / outputs analog or digital cards.
Synchros ADAT / WC / ...

The effects section is it integrated?
Yes. Two auxiliary feature integrated from the Pro-R and Rev effects.
On each track (including to and returns) can activate a parametric EQ and dynamics processor.

What is the accuracy of the sampling (bits / kHz)?
20-bit 16-48kHz. Can handle 24/48 with the appropriate cards.

Automation is supported?


The general configuration is it simple?
Pretty simple, Yamaha logic is rather exemplary and we very quickly to the OS.

The usual functions are they easily accessible?
Yes, the layout is well done, the interface is understandable and shortcuts are really seen.

The manual is clear and sufficient?
Yes. With a little practice and the manual at hand is moving fast. The French version is neat, which is rare in general, but quite usual for Yamaha.


The A / D converters and D / A are transparent?
There is debate about this. Regarding our use (I share it with my musician sidekick), it meets our expectations, namely recording 24 tracks of our various electronic instruments. We do not use a microphone, so no built-in preamp, and the sound is quite satisfactory. In this regard I note that we have no analog processing auxiliary, everything is done before conversion or after conversion but in the digital domain.

The dynamics are respected?
Yes. I did not notice any significant loss of dynamic listening. Some users (who have since passed 24/96 or higher with the 02R96 or any other digital console generation) were not pleased with the dynamics of the 02R-V2, but this is not our case: our sources are rather strong (+4 dB line) and in the top of the basket for what is dynamic.

The effects and filters are effective?
Yes, but they require a lot of research time to draw a fine result.
It is far from the Lexicon PCM or large reverberations TC. For a thin and unobtrusive reverb, an effective but colorless equalization or compression without staining 02R is satisfactory. When it comes to greater treatment or voluntarily this effect we work with in post production you need. But the effects and treatments 02R are not throwing in the trash, it would be a mistake.


We have taken this step since shortly after an excellent offer used: a "pack" including 02R-V2, its bar graph and 4 ADAT cards plus a PCI-E card RME RayDAT for 800 euros.
I'll let you look at the rating of these materials for you to make your opinion, we have not thought very long ...

To use the 02R-V2 corresponds to what we need:
1 - go at least 24 digital tracks in the PC
2 - power side to take the placement of instruments (EQ / COMP)
3 - have ability to group tracks and create BUS
4 - have a motorized control surface automation for audio sequencer

Fat granny does all this for a small footprint and ease of use and legendary deserved. We had planned to invest in a 24 or 32 analog tracks and were quickly calmed by the size of such a console, the answer came by 02, more suitable than the idea of ​​having each of a 03D.

To answer the question I asked myself for a long time "we should invest in a 02R-V2 in 2013 yet?" I say yes.
Yes, the 02R-V2 remains a serious machine, quite simple to understand and use.
Yes, because it is quite able to allow an honorable record as soon as we accept to dispense with very high resolutions.
Yes, because its treatments are reasonably effective. We do not hesitate to pump compressors and the result without dethrone Urei 1176 is consistent and effective.
Yes, because ultimately the serious stuff that has proven nevertheless remains a reference today. Vintage-mania will not hit (a priori) 02R and speculators market hype will not sell these old consoles prices Neve / Studer but this does not detract from the quality of the material. Maybe not the most at the top today but still quite respectable.

Repeat this choice?
Under the same conditions, yes. But if our hardware sources continue to grow it is likely that the small 02R be replaced one day by a DM-2000, always with Yamaha.
I still have a twinge of heart when I see spend a Sony DMX-R100 Used, a console that I was very much impressed with his side "Oxford of the poor", but I have no reason to ashamed of our 02R, not really. Perhaps it's less visually effect a big analog console, but since we mix in the PC (or Mixbus Reaper) that had no interest for us.

You hesitate to pass the course? Given the opportunity this unloved material price, go for it. It's solid, reliable (and repair parts are still available), and it works well. Who can say the same small plastic consoles with their tiny screens?