Boss BR-864 8-Track Digital Studio
Boss BR-864 8-Track Digital Studio

BR-864 8-Track Digital Studio, Digital Multrack-studio from Boss in the BR series.

MGR/P. Pearson 10/02/2005

Boss BR-864 8-Track Digital Studio : MGR/P. Pearson's user review

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At 48, I've been playing guitar and writing songs for about 36 years "in the closet". Three years ago I decided to "come out". I hooked up with a couple local songwriters groups and have since "played out", joined ASCAP, and begun to build a catalog with the Library of Congress. I write "arty" singer/songwriter tunes and enjoy the same from other artist. Recording is my fondest pleasure. The BR-864 is the answer to my dreams. It's easy to use and my first CD was received favorably by the muscians I admire. Good job Boss/Roland!

I researched several units before deciding on the 864. It has everything I need to make good recordings. I bought it from Musicians Friend for $495.00. It's down to $395.00 now, but, that didn't cheapen our love affair.

Simplicity and potential. I could work with this unit for months to come and still not utilize the many capable variations. I had a problem achieving a desired function, early on. I called Boss. The tech worked very hard with me to remedy the problem. Yes, it was my fault! I've had no further problems since. I'm still amazed at the multitude of effects and options. I'm convinced that it's limitless. I sometimes get depressed when I think that someday, in the distant future, it may quit working and I'll have to seach for a new "mate".

The 864 only has one XLR mic input. I wish it had one more. I can work with it, but sometimes I'd like to have one more. Just never satisfied, are we?

The BR-864 is a pretty tough unit. Mine stays in the bedroom studio. I keep it on a piece of foam cut-out to protect it from vibrations and movement. I also keep it covered when not in use. It's my baby. I've had no problems with buttons, knobs, ins/outs, or flaky "guts", but then, she's pretty spoiled. Very user friendly.

When I feel the "mojo" and I know I'm going to record, for me, it's like going on a date. Not because the unit is intimidating, but, because I know I won't come out for hours, and when I do I'll have a warm glow about me. Weird, huh? This is a fine unit and capable of so much. I would recommend it to anyone.

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