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ipm 01/13/2014

Fostex DMT-8 : ipm's user review

«  all integrated rustic but effective »

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very good connection:
- 8 analog inputs with 4 preamp on the first 4, 8 outputs separated by magneto tracks insers 4, 4 auxiliary, a rec BUS ES, ES 1 SPDIF output, midi duo

however the inputs are at the machine ... not super convenient, but offset by the connections it lacks the ADAT and the AC could have a sacred Machine

to sync, ca not noon, and it works pretty well

Sample Rate 44.1, basic but sufficient for the prototyping, no external support, no SCSI, just an internal IDE hard disk 540Mo, updatable, but with a limited capacity

8 tracks theoretically write, but 4 is already well in practice with the original hard drive

besides integrated analog console EQ for each track, effect send and assign group. compromise is boring and mostly it's all integrated, brief me who went through a Fostex D90, which did not have much room for a big rack, this is a good compromise. it is generally quiet, which for me was a very good surprise. Finally, the integrated power supply is convenient.


configuration very simple table, and quite full, the faders are good, not too soft and not too hard, the eq is useful, inserts and auxiliary Verily practice.

magneto part is also not too complicated when you have already used DTD short, it's simple

buttons are well positioned, the console looks like a real console
we mix, recording on the desired tracks, listening. brief practice, the shuttle provides jogg.
the manual is clear


good, converters are not disgusting, it's not ultra luxury but they are good, no built-in effects, which for me is a good point to connect to my racks, analog table is not perfect, but the knobs and faders are touch, which for me is essential.

dynamic, yeah hey it is a little dated but it is generally correct

some are fans of convertos D80, basically the same machine, but without the table, so ca can do


I was looking for something in this genre, I hesitated between the most recent Tascam, the Rolands VS, the Akai DPS. Finally, I turned to this DMT8 to my songs and I must say it is a great surprise for:

Complete connectivity despite the abscence of ADAT (my only regret)
Analog EQ table, which gives me a good feeling (this is quite personal)
Part 8-track, highly integrated ultra simple with the table.

value rather cheap (for judging the price of D80 D90 D108 D160 and and what are not a bad deal ...

however, today there OCCAZ lse zoom R8 R16 for a more compact close enough price, but overall pretty boring and SD card. therefore require careful thought for the purchase of such a machine.