Fostex VF160 CD
Fostex VF160 CD

VF160 CD, Digital Multrack-studio from Fostex.

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christofair 05/05/2006

Fostex VF160 CD : christofair's user review


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It is a 16 tracks with 8 numrique between Jack and 2 XLR (with phantom power supply possibility), there also insert effects and a lot of connections numrique: SPDIF, ADAT, MIDI. RCA outputs also ... Sampling 16-bit / 44.1 khz CD quality = what, and recorded on a 40 gigabyte hard drive. more than 8 in 16 tracks. wow.
you can record 8 tracks at the same time if you want. Then there is a simple but multi-effects Intgr pro.
With the VF160, the CD burner and optional silent if he was taken, was called a VF160CD (it so). Please note that the current VF-160 EX is the same bug but with a new color and then the CD is dsormais SERIES.
Format identical consoles certain DJ, one can easily find a bag to carry the batting BCAN.
Sliders / potentiomtre non-mmo-Automato motoriss - normal considering the price - the future is a top as an option.


Premire time I lit I started recording a song. Super simple, you choose a track and you press record (the sound is rgler first). This feature is only for a little more advanced you leave the manual. If like me it was a few years with multitrack analog xprience ... we will speak of a phase of adaptation. Fast enough. If we are beginners in homestudio to go through the manual, unhurriedly. Manuel clear ... except the summary: I have never seen as a summary bordlique and unnecessary.

The possibilities are standard because we can also do editing, copy and paste etc. .. . I just want to record and mix then. Guitars, percussion, vocals, synth ... There are plenty of things I will never try because no need. Cool the fact the connection: we can get a line level (a synthesis), a condenser microphone (48-volt power supply) and a dynamic microphone in the speed and press record.

The screen is small but you get used to. Beginners in the notch and especially the organization of menus / submenus remember the first portable tlphnes hahaha. .. We laugh when we least costs the sound reproduction. Once mastering the machine a little, we are surprised by the quality of this product. Really. You can export the tracks in a wav file via cable to a computer (galre) or by burning a cd (quick and easy). This is not a backup session is simply piste1, piste2, piste3, etc ... and as the Fostex is starting all the tracks at the same time, when you open the files on his computer, everything is synchronized and moving.


The converters are of good quality and trs pramps too. Especially when you come back in with a good XLR microphone, it remembers. I happened to be careful not to register and obtain a good rsultats ... and when I took my time sounding tip top. The multi-effect Intgr trs is really good, but there is as reverb, delay and chorus and flanger. Mention trs For heavy rverbs, they sound great. With this machine is very easy to have a good sound without taking head.
Some eventually made home made studio and finally taken as guards DEFINITIONS! Respect, Fostex!


It's been a year since I have and I'm glad trs. First: I noticed before purchasing that machine equivalents from other brands often have breakdowns or incompatibility with ordis when exporting files (Korg / Yamaha) ... nobody has ever complained Fostex VF of. Indeed it is reliable. Deuxio: I test the Boss / Roland / Zoom silent and sound ok but not good, then too much on gadgets (simultaneous amp, no effects, drum machine).

I have nothing against ordis dtest but I do spend hours in front of the zic a notch, then the sound of the fan, the peripherals, crashes ... all a, a is not a machine like the Fostex. Level money, I could have the same amount dpenser (1000 e) or more in m'quiper computer, sound card, etc. ... to get an equivalent sound rsultat. But what I prfre is: I turn it on, 10-15 seconds later I press record. What can a computer?

What I like most:
- Quick work on this BCAN
- Report qualitprix unbeatable at the moment.
- Respect the original sound / sound source
- High-class multi-effect
- Its fiabilitbr />
What I like least
- Only 40 GB hard drive
- It is 16 bits and not 24 (it does not matter haha)
- Not waterproof BCAN
- No automation / engine of knobs