Roland VS-1824 CD
Roland VS-1824 CD

VS-1824 CD, Digital Multrack-studio from Roland in the VS series.

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Obsolete Audio 11/24/2010

Roland VS-1824 CD : Obsolete Audio's user review

« Its top, ergonomics bof .... »

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Value For Money : Excellent
8 analog input, 2 XLR with phantom power and 6 symmetrical 6.35 (a high input impedance in parallel to the input 8)
2 in one SPDIF coaxial and one optical.

8 RCA analog outputs, 2 SPDIF (optical and coax)

A headphone 6.35

Hard Disk Storage 10 GB, can back up CD.

Sampling up to 24-bit 48khz

I never too thorough synchros

8 tracks of simultaneous recording, simultaneous playback 18 tracks, 288 tracks max on a project that leaves room anyway.


The use is not as intuitive as analog table in 15 minutes but frankly we fix it already and you can already register, so I say for the sound, no problem, for no simple mixing problem.

The manual is very clear, although some are quite special handling (especially in automation mode) is very well explained, a true bible that thing.

Thus the routing very easily and is very tactile, it's a real plus, you put a finger on the input selected and simultaneously another finger on the destination track and now that's good, it is not clear need to sub menu.

The only slightly tricky point is that, for economy we can not have a fader and fader per track entrance, so there is a button fader selection page (3 different pages) at the beginning can be a little lost.

Let me say a few words apart on some aspect of this machine

AUTOMATION: not easy to find, programming is tedious and does not invite too much to use it, most of the change is really not easy. but good if you stay on the simple thing is when mêm great to have

EDITING: Editing is this machine Is A real nightmare .... good is not as flexible as PC config we all agree but it's still easier than on a multitrack analog so you will not complain too much. It should still be good at mental arithmetic to make some operation, otherwise we just afford quite a lot of things, the more I think 99 levels of undo ....

The Burn to CD: it's long, very long ..... but it is

The export of tracks: What do I love this machine is portable recording rehearsal, and then rebalance the optical tracks on my PC config for mixing most successful example. cons by the transfer time by speed reading group of two tracks, as well stay in his succinct sound recording if you do not want to end up with too much supply.


The converters are good enough in this machine, what is certain is that they are more competent than me because even after 4 years of using this Bécanne I sounded better and better, so there is the reserve, more before really taking it in default must have the following monitoring.

The dynamics is respected, the 24 bit there is certainly something, how cons are presented the meters is not on top, I always tend to save quite hot on the roland, beware digital clipping.

The effects are okay but nothing more, the reverb is doing well also without shine. compressor is average but can do something, to be used sparingly anyway.

In fact I think to ring with this toy should take special care to the sound, the sound work at the source.

The EQ is frankly not that great but no worse than a table behringer. avoid the maximum, and especially do not add anything with, remove rather, he is doing much better than mitigation boost.

you can pass the 2-band EQ and 3 band (Mid more) I recommend you pay particular attention to medium tone of your sound recording, so you do not go into 3 strips, because this mode partly destroyed the sound, it is not transparent at all.


It's been 4 years since I use it, I try VS840ex model before.
What I like most is the side while an independent and easily transportable, rather solid, stable, the CD etc etc ...

What I like least is the all in one side, a bit closed level interface, while the SPDIF output allows you to take his mobile then retired .. in fact these machines will now led by the current trend, I'm sure she would be perfect working tool with a much better communication with the computer world.

in time, the price / quality ratio is excellent, when you start this type of system allows you to free you from the history of compatibility, stability config + PC Software. the price of a software or a basic sound card, you want something that allows the road to his arms.

Much more than I give to VS1824 is that once you better mastering the aspects of recording and mixing that has made a solid experience in addition to having good pickups / preamp / monitoring the return on that old thing that does not look become formidable in terms of efficiency.

Very good assessment on my part for this product. my rating takes into account the audience for this recorder and also the price / performance.

No it's not a laptop crammed with ProTools API preamp and Lavry converters. but it is a nice tool to do many things. And frankly the major component in the string sound is really the user, just listen to the crap that can leave some equipped studio at 500 euros a day to be convinced.