Roland VS-2000 CD
Roland VS-2000 CD

VS-2000 CD, Digital Multrack-studio from Roland in the VS series.

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silvertouch06 06/24/2004

Roland VS-2000 CD : silvertouch06's user review


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- 8 analog XLR / jack with phantom power
- 2 tickets numriques coaxial
- 2 output jack master
- 2 outputs to the RCA in
- 2 monitor outputs on RCA
- Numrique coaxial output
- MIDI in / out
- USB 2.0
- Optional card for connecting a mouse and an external screen

- 16 or 24 bit 44.1 kHz recording without compression (linear)

- Internal hard drive 40 GB
- Reader / Writer CD ROM and CD RW
- Export to WAV to PC via USB 2.0

- 8 recordable tracks simultanment
- 18 tracks x 16 = 288 tracks
- 1 x 16 track master stro

Rem: missing R-BUS port for connecting analog 8 supplmentaires


Configuration gnrale:
- The manual is quite pais, but for people who have some knowledge in audio, dj and have worked with hi-tech hardware, it will come out without problem.
- For others, Ben will have to work the manual

- Accs the usual functions:
CHAC to the main functions and menus is fairly simple. Roland was relatively well organized and the rank DIFFERENT menus.

Note: Too bad there's no potentiomtres rglage for panning and that we should go into the edit channel menu.

- The manual is in English and is relatively well done. It is relatively easy, thanks the index or search capabilities.


Transparency-A / D and D / A:
Personally, I have recorded as machinery, rsultat: no extraneous noise, and I find the
Fidler enough converters.

- Effect:
There is an original card VS8F-2 to use one of two effects simultanment 240 presets. We can add two optional cards effects.
The only dernire VS8F-3 can accept plug-in effects by other dvelopps socity as Antares, TC Electronic, ... Just install the plug-in hard drive. This card allows to use up to 2 plug-ins simultanment.
There is also a function "vocal harmonizer" To create choirs, and uses the resources of the card effects of origin and optional on the number of voices harmonized.

- Respect for the dynamic
Dynamics is well respected. The amplitude variations are well preserved trs.


I use it for over a month and I am satisfied trs. Each and every track from his possde 4-band equalizer paramtrique and compressor / expander. The dynamic quality of treatment is excellent. The large LCD screen allows intuitive use and a very clear visualization of information. With an external VGA monitor, a must be the paradise.
It is possible to use the tracks 17 and 18 as a rhythm track thanks gnrateur Intgr rhythm patterns. The quality of this gnrateur trs is good, but I think we can put these in clean samples instead of samples Roland.
I think despite that, the quality of the faders not terrible, because they are too soft. It looks like they will remain in your hands. The weight of the unit is important if it is to be able to transport. The VS-2000CD only 6.7 Kg PSE that it is more lightweight than a Korg D1600 MKII !!!!!

In conclusion, I am glad this little gem, and I can tell you that I forget the little delays that I had with my PC diffrent between tracks. The VS-2000CD is Designed the basis for the registration and dynamic effects are infinitely better than those of Cubase, or other software. Without hsiter I Rasht, the hardware IDAL to mix, record add effects, make noise and then taken to the mastering worthy of the name.