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MGR/Jeffus 12/13/2001

Tascam 788 : MGR/Jeffus's user review

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I got this through Music out of their "Refurbished" section which was a winner because I got the larger hard drive and the latest software. I paid about $650.

I love this thing. If you're not timid about basic computer operations and can use a basic four track, you'll be flying on this thing. I really enjoy the ease of use and the on board effects. No more cables all over the place to outboard stuff (although you can do that too), it's a real step up over tape based home studios. No waiting to rewind. It's so fast my singer doesn't have time to grumble when I blow a take. I like that!!!

The only setback is that the hard drive only has so much space, so eventually you have to pony up some more dough to get the CDRW 788 to make backups. But, you can also burn CDs off it too, so that's not too bad.

Granted, for the money, you're not buying a Neve Flying Fader rig. It's got a plastic top surface but has held up well. I do take care not to bash it because it has a hard drive in it.

Best bang for the buck 8 track digital out there, hand down. And...Tascam has an On-Line support forum that is exceptionally handy!!!

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