Tascam CD-VT2
Tascam CD-VT2

CD-VT2, Digital Multrack-studio from Tascam.

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stompboxjon 12/02/2012

Tascam CD-VT2 : stompboxjon's user review

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The Tascam CD-VT2 is a CD and MP3 vocal trainer that has an anti shock memory of up to 10 seconds. It has an LCD screen that will display the song title or album titles. There are not many inputs and outputs on the VT2 you will get a 1/8 stereo output for your headphone jacks and a 1/8 stereo line output. You inputs will be ¼ for an instrument or microphone. The microphone and instrument input has a level meter indicator on the display screen. The VT2 is battery operated and does not come with a wall AC power plug. You can buy a power plug separately which I do recommend.


Using the VT2 is pretty simple, it is not hard to understand and you can pretty much start using it right out of the box with no manual needed unless this is your first vocal trainer and don’t understand the basic functions of how to use one.


There are no effects and filters on this unit, and it really does not matter what style of music you make if you need a vocal trainer.


If I could change one thing with this vocal trainer it would simply be that they include a AC power adapter to plug it into the wall. This device eats through your batteries very fast and you will find yourself running to the store more often to get batteries. If you want the wall outlet AC adapter you will have to pay about an extra 30 dollars to get one. I feel like it should be included with the purchase of this vocal trainer because spending that extra money is very unattractive. Though this vocal trainer is good because you can use it with CD’s I still think the Boss eBand JS 10 is a better player because it has more options to play files with. It does cost a lot more than the CD-VT2 does but if you are investing in something that is going to further your career do not cut corners and save money.