alex48 02/11/2011

Tascam DP-02 : alex48's user review

«  Very good for beginners in Home Studio »

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The product data sheet will show much better than me its characteristics,
basically it is a small portable recording studio digital 8 tracks with a 40GB hard drive.
Equipped with a CD burner.
It has two inputs A and B (jack and XLR). It can also easily connect to active monitor speakers (or a stereo amplifier) via two outputs FCR to work more precisely the final mix.


Very simple and very intuitive in a few hours anyone can record a song multiipistes and burn it to CD, even the most novice in the recording.
The manual clearly explains the basics: "store", we read once while handling the camera and go!
Everything is visible, very good accessibility features.


Very good sound quality is amazing!


I use this unit for 2 months, I am familiar with the home studio little by little, and I think it's a good tool that avoids turning on a PC, ' buy sound cards, software, effects in order to register ... no no, nothing like that, you connect a keyboard, a synth or a guitar and it sends the integrated effects make it possible to work very clean (c is not the best effects in the world! but it works well!).
I use it mostly to play alone, my main instrument is a keyboard (synth) and models for me.
Given its weight, it is also easily transportable in rehearsal or on stage to register directly to the output table, we mix then etched, and as long as you have blank CDs under his arm, each musician restart from home with his CD and listen to his performance in the car!
Its strong point is its ease of use especially for those who want a small home studio without taking the cabbage with the PC, Cubase or other software ... etc.
It is an 8-track, but it is certainly possible to record other via the "postponement of tracks," very interesting when you want to record multiple instruments.

In summary, I am very pleased with this device that has a fair price and I recommend it to anyone looking for a small digital multitrack efficient and friendly.