Tascam Portastudio 2488
Tascam Portastudio 2488

Portastudio 2488, Digital Multrack-studio from Tascam.

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louphi 11/22/2004

Tascam Portastudio 2488 : louphi's user review


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Value For Money : Excellent
I bought this beautiful machine and high-tech trs I am happy because it really is a beautiful device trs.
Dynamic-mastering really great for this type of machine as compared to the price of hardware mastering, it was a really good rsultat (but the rest of the model all of the same!) Saw the price of the machine and the price of mastering gear.
Good effects of micro-and decision-vote provided they are excellent possde a good condenser microphone. With the power supply fantme and insert effects (compressor, d-esser and expander) sound of the voice is really stunning. No need for external prampli 10 000 balls (in CHF). The voice work is excellent, as I said.
- There's everything you need to do a good job: correcting legalization more than adequate, quite a few tracks stro,, panoramic position in the mix of effective memory of scnes (saw) all the possibilities of numrique (copy and paste silences, Repport tracks ... etc ... it's described on the doc), making guitar faade, g Midi nrateur its great, the drum patterns are well worth my old pace bote Boss), imports and exports in MIDI and WAV files, efficient burner, USB ......... short, it's beautiful work and again, for the price (1390 euros in Toulouse Music-Action), there's still no better for 24 tracks.

-The Multi-effects guitar, for heavy distortion is really low-end (well, from Tascam, the effects, it is not their thing sr). The flanger, chorus, phaser, compressor and Exciters are not too bad, but distos ..... It's really too synthetic and even in the piece of BMD of the gear, guitars, it's really not a. But we n'achte no such gear for guitar effects and any good guitar home the hardware Necessary for having the sound.
The manual, which is really too amber (those in compar Fostex for instance) and that really leaves on the end if we did not used to this kind of enregitreur. But with a little understanding, practice and visit our site prfr even when you get there. But they could make an effort and add some pages for us to put together a record sale complte A Z for example.
-A little less, is the absence of two headphone jacks on the faade. It's not much, but I was on my old Fostex 280 and when working two (or listen to someone for example) is a little more. Otherwise, we use the cost of proximity but at night is not!!

Voil. If c'tait again, I Rasht because the ratio quality price is excellent for me. There's more that esprer it is solid and it will not crash (but, there's a lot of the element of chance in it). It is guaranteed three years at Music-Action and in three years, provided one uses the max, it was time to see the future possibly failure. In addition it is the Tascam and when they are even with the Fostex matres gender. In short, I'm happy and I put rev 9 / 10 because you can not get 10/10 is like the school. That day, I think, the best machine 24 tracks the price and the quality. Dpchez you for a price increase rcente and would be a shame to go back to ct Tascam on the market already well supplied multi numriques.

Although you and any questions, Do not hesitate.


See above. 8 because of the manual


See above 8 because of the guitar effects


See above